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    Mens Hairstyles: 5 Seriously Hot Looks

    A free form mens hairstyle

    Men’s Hairstyles Something For Everybody

    As the seasons change, it’s a good idea to update your look for practical and professional reasons. Many men choose to go super short – a la buzz cut – in the summer months. That can be a great look and feel for hot summer days, but may not look as pulled together for the cooler fall and winter months. When considering your style, think about your personality as well as your career. Are you more of a classic, clean cut type of guy, or do you prefer a more free form or trendy look?

    A classic mens hairstyle

    A classic cut – think of Mad Men – never really goes out of style, and the look works everywhere from Wall Street to a construction site. To achieve this timeless look, medium length hair works best, slightly longer on the top, and shorter on the sides and back. Ask your barber to trim the hair on the top of your head to a medium length and to remove weight from the sides. You can add some style to a classic cut with a dab of gel or styling crème, and slick back the longer pieces, finger combing them slightly to the side. This hairstyle works best with straight and wavy hair, but if you have waves, work in the direction of the wave.

    A classic mens hairstyle with bangs

    For a modern take on the classic cut, try long – really long – pieces on top and in front. This style has a lot of forward movement which means you should consult with your hair stylist about whether this will work with your hair texture. Long bangs can create a lot of weight and bulk in your hair, and if the bangs are too heavy and straight you may end up looking like you have a bowl cut. Have your hair stylist break up the bulk of a long bang with a razor or texturizing shears. This will create dimension and movement, allowing the bangs to swing off to the side. A lightweight hair paste or styling gel will help keep pieces in place.

    A retro 70's mens hairstyle

    Retro mens hairstyles, harking back to the 70s and 80s are also popular this fall. The textured shag is still popular, and it works well on those of you who have wavy or more textured hair. Best achieved using a straightedge razor, have your hair stylist piece out the bangs, nape and sideburns. A shag hairstyle follows the shape of the head; fuller on top and crown, then hugs the temples and nape. Use a small amount of styling gel or paste to achieve a casual structure to the cut. Shag cuts also allow you pull the bangs forward or push them back, giving you different styling options.

    The buzz cut mens hairstyle

    Always in style is the defined buzz cut. This winter, a square shape cut is favored, likely because it is a very masculine and flattering shape for most all mens face shapes. Best of all, it’s easy to maintain and takes no time to style!

    Whatever look you go for, the most important thing to remember about your hair is to keep it clean but don’t over do it. Over washing your hair can reduce the natural oils in your scalp, which leads to less than healthy hair, which can lead to thinning hair, and well, we all know where this is going. So keep it easy, keep it natural and keep it simple. And for more great looks check out our Pinterest Men’s Hair Board



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    New Mens Gray Hair Product

    Mens Gray Hair

    Mens Gray Hair Color Product “Flash Back”

    Hey guys, are you looking for a way to cover up the gray hair or just a bit of gray without looking like you just colored your hair? Paul Mitchell has come out with a new professional hair color that might be just right for you! When coloring mens gray hair in the past, I found most men wanted a more subtle result in the hair color and didn’t want to sit for a long processing time.

    “Paul Mitchell’s
    New Mens Gray
    Hair Color Product”
    “Men are always a little hesitant about trying hair color because they don’t want the results to be too obvious,” says Paul Mitchell Artistic Director Stephanie Kocielski. “Flash Back balances their color and conceals gray with a natural tone, so they look younger without looking colored.”

    This new mens gray hair color product called, ‘Flashback’ has just been released to hair salons this month. I spoke with Jenny Overdevest from John Paul Mitchell Systems who answered some questions about this new mens gray hair color product.

    Another old mens gray hair color product came to mind Grecian Formula so I asked Jenny for a comparison. She assured me it was not like, ‘Grecian Formula,’ which was formulated with lead-acetate and carried with it a number of undesirable results. For example, lead acetate was not a friendly chemical. Green hair wasn’t a result anyone was going for and it carried a bad smell, like ‘rotten eggs,’ not so good for the social life. I understand Grecian Formula might now have a new formula minus the ‘lead acetate’ but a number of men still seem to be having problems with the whole process, check it out.

    Anyways, I’m glad to hear Paul Mitchell has come up with a formula for mens gray hair coloring that is more . . . men friendly. Here are some of the benefits to ‘Flashback” by Paul Mitchell according to Jenny:

    • Conceals gray hair with a full range of tones available
    • Fades out of hair gradually in 4 to 6 weeks
    • Won’t leave lines of demarcation when growing out
    • Ammonia free conditioning formula
    • Processes in 10 minutes
    • Fresh fragrance with a hint of mint

    Flashback is available in three demi-permanent color series, warm, neutral and cool natural. hairdressers can expand the hair color options by adding it to any “Color Shots.”

    If you are looking to get it done right guys, ask your hairdresser about it or go to their hair salon finder. And for more great looks check out our Pinterest Men’s Hair Board.



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    Manscaping – Mens Grooming

    Manscaping Mens Grooming

    Mens grooming takes on a manscaping’

    Say ladies, have you noticed there seems to be more men turning up these days with smooth chests or backs, arms or legs?? It’s happening by way of a new mens grooming technique called manscaping! Manscaping has actually been around for a couple of years now, but has caught on and is on the ‘mens grooming” services at barber shops, hair salons and spa’s as of late.

    “Mens Grooming
    Adds Manscaping”
    How hairy is your man? Does the amount of hair bother either of you? I guess ‘manscaping’ is like ‘landscaping’ on a man in my mind. The definition I have seen most is “the modern term for removal of body hair by shaving or waxing”. It may sound crazy to some, but salons report men are looking into aspects such as armpit laser hair removal cost almost as much as women. Men are trimming and/or eliminating any extra hair that may be on their chests, backs, arms, faces and anywhere else that they may desire (other additional area options are not on the menu).

    I remember the days when men only removed their hair for bodybuilding competitions, swimming or wrestling, and now it has become a common occurrence. Now when a man has his shirt opened 3 buttons down, the chest hair is no longer there and it is silky smooth. My guess would be the men that would receive waxing services are very much into personal grooming and possibly in the group categorized as “metrosexuals” who are into grooming in all ways as much as women, but still a woman’s man.

    It is not new anymore for a man to have a standing appointment at a hair salon or spa to receive their waxing treatments. They may select to have the hair removed by a electric shavers uk, or by waxing, tweezing or the more permanent method of laser hair removal. If the latter method is something you’re interested in trying out for yourself, see this laser hair removal solution available from Dr Aesthetica.

    The pricing for mens hair removal may be a bit higher than womens because often additional product is needed for an area. A local salon called “Spa Forever” in Chicago’s Bucktown area caters to both men and womens waxing services. Prices for lip, ear, cheek and chin areas range from $15.00 and up for each area and for full back or full chest waxing starting at $60.00 and up for each area.

    I imagine ‘Manscaping’ will be the big, mens grooming service requested as we drift into spring and summer months. I am picturing all these smooth chested 20, and 30 something’s soaking up the rays on the beach this summer!! (Someone better tell them to put a little more sunscreen on when first getting out there . . . with less hair, they will more likely have a bigger burn factor going on, don’t you think?

    For more great looks check out our Pinterest Men’s Hair Board

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