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    Winter has a way of doing a number on a hairstyle. Wind and snowy weather will flatten or frizz even the most carefully arranged hairstyle. Hair spray can help. Real Simple staffers in December tried hair sprays with three levels of holding power. Flexible hold keeps curls defined but allows hair to move; medium hold works best to tame fly-a-ways and frizz; and maximum hold gives updos staying power. The Real Simple testers were stuck on these winners and runners-up:

    Flexible Hold Winner ~~ Frederic Fekkai Coiff Fini Sheer hold Hair spray

    • Flexible Hold Runner Up ~~Goldwell Styling Light Kiss Fleixble Hair Spray.

    Medium Hold Winner~~ Philip B. Jet Set Precision Control Hair Spray.

    • Medium Hold Runner Up~~L’Oreal Professionel Infinium Level 2.

    Maximum Hold Winner~~ Phyto Pro Instant Hold Hair Spray.

    • Maximum Hold Runner Up~~Garnier Fructis Full Control Ultra Strong Hair Spray.

    Five Other Things Hair Spray Can Do

    • Safeguard a child’s chalk drawing~~ Mist it with hair spray and allow to dry. The spray acts as a fixative and keeps the colors from smudging.
    • Zap insects~~ One blast causes wings to stiffen, immobilizing bugs in midair. (Unfortunately, you’ll still have to sweep them up.)
    • Create wrapping paper ~~Spray the Sunday comics to add a sheen to the newsprint and seal in the ink.
    • Deslick the soles of new shoes~~ The tacky texture of hair spray helps you avoid slips until the soles get scuffed with wear.
    • Stop static cling~~ in a pinch by lightly misting a slip or a skirt.

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