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    Wedding Hairstyles 2020

    Wedding Hairstyles

    A Fresh Look at Wedding Hairstyles 2014

    Are you a bride-to-be looking for the perfect wedding hair style for your big day? Or are you a bridesmaid looking for a style to help you nab your own groom? Here is a list of some of the most trending bridal hair styles and accessories as well as useful tips for wedding hairstyles 2014:

    Wedding Hairstyles

    The Braided Style

    There was a time when braiding was seen as dated and mostly for young girls with pig tails. But today, hairdresser’s are actively creating beautiful intricately woven hair styles. A braid detail adds lovely texture to a style and the lattice work keeps everyone’s attention as their eyes try to work out how it has been done. A braid also gives a lovely framework to hold flowers or decorative pins on wedding hair.


    Wedding Hairstyles

    The Soft, Romantic to the Side Style

    Hard, stiff or brittle styles are a thing of the past and are not popular with any of todays brides. Hairspray was used to excess in the past, but now a fine mist is all that’s needed to keep everything in place, without compromising softness and texture. Barrel curls and ‘hair roses’ are less smooth looking, and messy curls are favored over pristine ringlets.


    Wedding Hairstyles

    The Low Style

    Having an updo for your bridal hair style doesn’t mean it actually needs to be high on your head.  Classic chignons and low buns, or more intricate versions of these looks with interwoven braids, are chic and gorgeous. These styles are great for brides who are planning to wear a veil or decorative comb or clip.


    Wedding Hairstyles4

    The Vintage Look

    Vintage is an extremely popular theme for weddings in 2014, and wearing a retro wedding hair style is the perfect way to pull the look together and reflect the era ( 60’s – think Mad Men) being favored.   One of the most requested looks for a bridal vintage hair style is the beehive, which is a classic and completely timeless. This twisted updo is great for keeping the hair off of your face and neck. Additionally it’s a real plus if you are prone to feeling warm!



    Wedding Hairstyles5

    Diamante pins and clips

    Wedding Hairstyles6

    Vintage combs and slides

    Wedding Hairstyles7

    Embellished headbands

    Wedding Hairstyles8


    Wedding Hairstyles9

    Fresh flowers (particularly Gerberas)

    Whatever hairstyle you choose to wear on your wedding day, make sure that it feels comfortable and reflects your tastes.  That way, you’ll be free to totally enjoy your fabulous day!


    Hairstyle Blog contributing author Gracie Healey
    Contributing author Gracie Healey of Styles with Gracie a skilled and friendly self employed hairstylist with loads of creative flare! Based in the beautiful cosmopolitan hub of a City that is Brighton and Hove. You can follow Gracie on Twitter..


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    Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair 2014

    Wedding Hairstyles

    Long wedding hairstyles for the beautiful bride!

    Have long hair? Lucky you!  With long hair you won’t have a lack of gorgeous wedding hairstyles to choose from.  Before making a decision on a hairstyle for your big day, take a look at these stunning wedding hairstyles for long hair!

    Wedding Hairstyles

    Vintage Roll

    Wedding hairstyles often look most stunning when understated like this vintage roll.

    Get The Look:

    Hair is neatly combed back, rolled under and pinned to secure. For a polished look use a shine product. I like Kiel’s Crème with Silk Groom which adds amazing shine, sans the grease.

    Who Can Wear It?

    This look works best with one-length or long layered hair and it suits most face shapes. However, the slicked back look can become severe looking with strong square facial features.

    Wedding Hairstyles

    Long Cascading Curls

    A half-updo is the perfect way to show off long, cascading curls.

    Get The Look:

    Use volumizing products and set with hot rollers. With a side parting, sides are swept up into a high ponytail at the crown. Use a bit of hair to wrap around the pony and hide the elastic. Use an iron to touch any weak curls and a finishing spray to hold the look.

    Who Can Wear It?

    This style works best on medium to thick hair with lots of body and shine. The long silhouette is ideal for oval, heart, square and round face shapes. If your face shape is oblong, ditch the height at the crown, add bangs and create some fullness on the sides.

    Wedding Hairstyles

    Grecian Curls 

    Not your Mama’s Grecian curls!

    Get The Look:

    This intriguing adaptation of Grecian curls involves a dramatic deep diagonal parting with colorful extensions for volume and aesthetics. This updo is best left done by professionals.

    Who Can Wear It?

    This wedding hairstyle works for oval, round, square and heart shape faces. Rectangular and oblong faces can take on a long appearance with this look, but you can try tempering that with full or partial bangs.

    Wedding Hairstyles

    Half Up – Half Down

    This style has become the classic wedding hairstyle.

    Get The Look:

    Hair is softly curled and backcombed before sweeping sides up and back to meet and pin in the middle. Secure your curls with a strong hold hairspray like Kenra Volume Spray 25.

    Who Can Wear It?

    This style is perfect for the bride who feels her best just being herself. This look fits oval, round, square and heart shaped faces best. Oblong faces will look longer with the added height at the crown.

    Wedding Hairstyles

    Braids and Buns 

    Braids and buns are a lovely pairing for long bridal hairstyles. The possibilities are virtually endless.

    Get The Look:

    Hair is sectioned off in front of the ears to be used for braiding. A section on top is backcombed and brushed into a low messy bun. This look combines a French braid in front which becomes a traditional braid across the back.

    Who Can Wear It?

    This works best with medium to thick hair. Thinner hair types could wear this by adding a braided hair extension.

    Wedding Hairstyles

    Mad about Mad Men?

    Retro wedding hairstyles are romantic, charming and exquisite.

    Get The Look:

    This elaborate chignon works best on second day hair. The top is backcombed heavily at the crown, smoothed and secured into a ponytail. Wrap pieces of the ponytail around fingers to create curls and pin. The fringe and sides are swept down and back with pieces pinned randomly into the chignon for a romantic effect.

    Who Can Wear It?

    Any woman who wants to be-a-dream on her wedding day! Take the time to find the perfect headpiece or hair accessory to pull the look together, like this pretty embellished chiffon bow!

    Wedding Hairstyles

    Soft Flower Braided Updo

    A large braid interspersed with flowers and baby’s breath . . . simply delightful.

    Get The Look:

    Hair is curled, backcombed and brushed into a loosely formed bun. Hair in front of the ears is left out for braiding and for piecing into the bun. Cascading tendrils are enchanting!

    Who Can Wear It?

    Braids look best with medium and thick hair, but extensions are an option. This style works for all face shapes. Round faces will look best with tendrils that show from the front.

    Wedding Hairstyles

     Soft Elegant Updo

    So pretty . . . so elegant.

    Get The Look:

    Keep your hair well hydrated and conditioned to reveal hairs natural body and shine in a glamorous, bride-worthy way. I love Macadamia Deep Conditioning Treatment and Healing Oil to bring out mega body and shine. Elegant wedding hairstyles like this side-swept updo don’t always require every hair to be in perfect place to be stunning!

    Who Can Wear It?

    The asymmetrical look works with all face shapes. Round or square faces may like to add some height to the crown which will add the appearance of length.

    Wedding Hairstyles

     Sophisticated High Bun

    An elegantly embellished high bun signifies the utmost in formality.

    Get The Look:

    It’s always calming to put yourself in the hands of a professional for your wedding hairstyle, but if you choose not to go that route, this sophisticated high bun is a surprisingly simple and easy updo to achieve.  A synthetic braid can be used to wrap around the base of the bun. 

    Who Can Wear It?

    This works well with medium –thick to fine hair.  Hair that is too heavy can become a big headache or hard to hold in place, so test it ahead of time to be certain it’s comfortable for the entire day.


    Long hair allows a bride so many possibilities of gorgeous wedding hairstyles to choose from.  So, where do you start?    Before making a decision, take a look at these thirteen exceptional wedding hairstyles for long hair to match your wedding theme!


    Barb Quinn on Google+  


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    The Half Up Wedding Hairstyle Tutorial

    The Half Up and Half Down Wedding Hairstyle

    4 Easy Steps to the Perfect Half Up Wedding Hairstyle

    It’s amazing how fast a few bobby pins can transform a hairstyle. The half up hairstyle, as a wedding hairstyle, is picture perfect because it works with nearly every neckline and silhouette, and it gives the added bonus of being able to stabilizing the veil. The half up hairstyle is easily customizable from polished to casual, but maybe the best feature is that the guests will easily be able to see the brides stunning face.

    The half up, half down hairstyle is one of my favorite day to day hairstyles as well, because it’s both chic and easy to do. I am able to wear my hair down and the half up hairstyle highlights my cheekbones. For special events, I gather the two sections of hair from the sides of my head and use it to form a bun.

    Your wedding hairstyle doesn’t need to be complicated or high maintenance. You can have easy and free flowing tresses with minimal fuss. The best news is, you can do all of these hairstyles yourself, which means you also get to keep some more dollars in your pocket. Now, who doesn’t like saving money?

    The Basics

    Step 1. Usually second day hair is easier to work with. Spritz your hair with a bit of hairspray. Pull a section of hair back from each side of your head using your fingers for a natural tousled look, or use a fine toothed comb for a more polished look. If you want to create height, backcomb a section at the crown of your head, spritz with hairspray and smooth over the top to finish. Many women like to create height, I personally like a more smooth, polished look.

    Step 2. Fasten it in back with a pretty clip, barrette, brooch, and pins.

    Step 3. Gently pull your hair through the barrette from the bottom and adjust hair at the crown. Brush or finger comb through the ends.

    Step 4. Secure with another spritz of hairspray.

    Carrie Underwood in a Half Up Wedding Hairstyle


    Use a medium barrel curling iron, or hot rollers with a touch of styling spray, before pulling hair into a half updo, for an ultra feminine touch like Carrie Underwood.


    Angelina Jolie Half Up Wedding Hairstyle

    Or, like Angelina Jolie, tease the top and front sections, smoothing back into a pompadour style, before pinning side curls back. This is an absolutely stunning look for any bride!

    Marion Cotillard in a half up wedding hairstyle

    Deep waves and retro style rolls are modern and chic! Part your hair like Marion Cotillard. We love the hair roll.

    Jennifer Garner with a half up wedding hairstyle

    Even a simple side twist  paired with loose waves like Jennifer Garner’s is all that’s needed for a casual, boho chic bride. Perfect for a more casual affair!

    To stay current with what is happening with the celebs follow our Pinterest Celebrities Board.


    Natalie Tsang
    Contributing author Natalie Tsang has been a wedding blogger for since 2011. Her writing has been featured on Huffington Post, Wedding Crowd, and Polka Dot Bride. You can follow her @sbridal on Twitter.

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