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    Try Braids This Summer Like Jessica Simpson!

    Jessica Simpson with Braids

    Jessica Simpson’s Braids Make For a Quick and Easy Hairstyle
    “How to do Jessica Simpson Braids”

    Jessica Simpson’s hair braids are a perfect summer hairdo. They can be dressed up or down and are a great hairstyling option if you don’t have a lot of time to spend doing your hair. If you know how to create a basic braid you can get this super hot braid hairstyle just like Jessica Simpson.

    Here’s how to re-create these relaxed, yet stylish summer braids:

    • Step 1: Part your hair naturally, taking a section out in front and pinning the rest back so that it doesn’t interfere with your braid.
    • Step 2: Braid hair back off your hairline, French braid style, toward the backside of your ear. If you don’t know how to French braid your hair, check these articles Styling Your Hair: How To French Braid Hair or, you can do a traditional style braid and just tuck it back instead. If you do decide to braid your hair traditionally, keep your braid tucked in place with a few bobby pins.
    • Step 3: Braid your hair until you reach the end of your hairline (which should be somewhere right in front of or behind your ear depending on where you are directing the hair) and then secure with an elastic band.

    Jessica Simpson Braid Hints & Tips:

    For a more chic and sleek braided hairstyle, dampen the area to be braided and then run a small dollop of styling cream throughout those strands only. Then flat iron the rest of the hair for an ultra-chic braided hairstyle.

    To achieve a more casual look, part your hair deep to one side and braid your hair like above, but repeat on the other side of your part as well. Let the rest of your hair fall naturally for an organic and free-spirited style that is all your own (and Jessica Simpsons, of course)!

    Jessica Simpson with Braids

    Jessica Simpson’s Braids Are Perfect for Both Long Hairstyles and Short Hairstyles.

    For more great braid ideas and to stay current with what is happening with the celebs check out our Pinterest Braid and Celebrities Boards.


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