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Hard Water Hair, Use Less Shampoo

Hard Water Hair

Hard Water Hair? Don’t Miss This!

I hate to admit how long I’ve been struggling with the results of hard water hair. Let’s just say, it’s been longer than need be. My hubby and I couldn’t come to an agreement to install a water softener after our last move, so I pretty much resolved my routine to moisturizers, clarifying shampoos and vinegar rinses to rid the savages of hard water. But that’s not enough!

“Hard Water
Hair Tips”

There is a much better solution and I’m here to verify to it’s effectiveness! I’m not sure where I first read about it but thank you, thank you, whoever you are, my skin and hair feel softer and smoother already!

A simple enough invention, the shower head filter, so why haven’t I heard of it before? It’s an attachment that you can install within minutes and feel the results from almost immediately. I could feel the difference by my second shower. My hair and skin feel much softer and much less dry. The filter reduces the effects of chlorine on the skin and hair. It also reduces any chlorine odor, rust and sediment from the water.

I found one, a GE SmartWater Shower Filter, at our local Home Depot store for just $20.00. I only paid about $10.00 for the replacement filter, which only needs replacing every 6 months. This is the only brand that Home Depot carried. Some units will sell a shower head along with the filter which costs more, but you don’t need if you like your shower head.

If you aren’t aware of the difference that softened water can do for your skin and hair, you probably won’t miss it. But, if you have hard water and want to treat yourself, try a shower head filter. You’ll also find you will use less shampoo and get more lather with softened water.



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