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    Will Paris Hilton Hair Extensions Bomb?

    Paris Hilton.

    How Many of You Think Paris Hilton is a No-Show at the June 25th Party of the Year

    Paris Hilton’s Hair Tech have had a new line of hair extensions scheduled for launch with “The Party of the Year” on June 25th. Hair Tech is inviting their DreamCatchers by Paris Hilton hairdressers and hair salons to an exclusive launch party in Hollywood.

    “Paris Hilton Hair Extensions Bomb”

    Hair Tech was banking heavily on the Paris Hilton brand to lend some celebrity star power to the hair extensions launch. Hair salon owners were being asked to purchase exclusive rights to their zip code for the new line of Paris Hilton hair extensions. That could have been hot . . . Google lists “Paris Hilton Hair Styles” as one of the most popular searches on the Internet.

    But after last weeks Temper Tantrum, any hair salon owner with above average intelligence is going to giving this opportunity a wait and see attitude.

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I think Paris Hilton blew an opportunity of a lifetime, by not sucking it up and taking responsibility for her own behavior. Surprising, due to the fact that, as many viewers of sites similar to will know, Paris is no stranger to sucking things up, but apparently this was a step too far.

    Had she done that she would come off looking very honorable ala Martha Stewart. Instead, she looks like a whiny spoiled brat. I for one think she has done irreparable harm to her image . . . nobody is ever going to take her seriously again. Especially a business relationship, I have this vision stockholders of Hair Tech clutching their wastebaskets these days.

    Lets hear your comments? Do you think the Paris Hilton hair extension name would help or hinder your decision to buy?

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